This New Moon in Libra is pretty dear to me. It marks the two year anniversary of my New Moon Gatherings. What started off as a few close friends gathered around some wine and chocolate in my then messy art studio, now a much more polished Girl Gift Gather/art studio hybrid, has unfolded into an ever expanding rotating group of inspiring beautiful women that come every month and share a bit if themselves with each other. I have seen miraculous transformations take place, high intentions set and received, deep healing, and just the magic that unfolds when women join together, with open hearts and minds. 

Now…A bit about Libra!

Libra is ruled by venus and is a lover of all things beautiful, poetic and harmonious. We are coming out of the sign of Virgo, meticulous, organized and can be a bit neurotic. Libra is a much needed breath of fresh, autumn air.

Libra reminds us that without beauty, love, balance and partnerships, having the “perfect” life is meaningless. This is a time to reset, re-balance, return to your personal truth. What is the motivating factor behind your actions? In your relationships are you focusing on how to be of service or on keeping little resentment files? Let beauty be your guiding light and let love inform all of your choices. Libra loves this!

Happy New Moon!


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