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Sometimes, getting back to business is about creating the space to get back to business. And while a chilly Fall breeze has everyone in NYC swapping their Summer wardrobe for their Fall one, why not take the time to clean up and clear out. 

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Start with the space where you do work, not your desk or your office (we’ll get to those), but your computer. If yours is anything like mine, it’s a dumping ground for links you love, photos that inspired you that one time you were looking to redecorate your apartment and half-written essays on The Redwoods and the value of communication. Next time you have a rainy Monday evening with nothing to do, instead of watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook, organize your bookmarks, label your files, empty your trash and clean out your Downloads folder! And whilst you’re on this digital cleanse, clean out your Inbox. (This I say as a complete hypocrite because I’m 756 full and I just can’t seem to get that number any lower!). But, if you’re a stronger person than myself, you will do it. People tell me, it feels awesome.

Reward all your hard work and organization with a beautiful desktop image. Make your computer a zen space and then perhaps your work will flow a touch smoother. If nothing else, it’ll be prettier to look at. Head to Design Love Fest for backdrops that are so colorful and inspiring you’ll actually want to open up your computer and create!

Now, as for your desk, office, studio or cubicle, just do it. Clean it up and clear it out. Make the space you work in empty but for the few things you absolutely need. A little piece of art for inspiration is encouraged, and maybe a book or two for reference, but a clean space is a clear mind and a clear mind welcomes new ideas! Buy yourself some new notebooks and some colorful pencils if it’ll give you an excuse to create order (or if you just yearn for Back To School shopping!) Indulge this Virgo energy while you can!

P.S. If you’re looking to real amp up your creativity make sure to read The Artist’s Way with us as a part of the Girl Gift Gather Book Club



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