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This week, we’re talking small steps and giant leaps for Girl Gift Gather. We’re drawing up business plans, meeting with the Small Business Association and getting into the nitty gritty of incorporation. When we’re up to our eyes in numbers, spreadsheets and contracts it’s nice to hear a little something inspirational. So with business and back to school on our minds, we share with you This American Life and the young and impressive Asia Newson. Asia is Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur (she’s 11) and she has a real sense of confidence, business and joy. Her company, Super Business Girl, is possible our favorite thing ever. We’ll be taking our cues from her from now on!

Listen to Asia’s interview here and make sure to stay tuned for Act 1 where This American Life producer, Alex Blumberg, talks pitch perfection with legendary investor Chris Sacca — take notes!

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