Saved by the Bell


As Fall descends upon New York City in a flurry of apple cider and falling leaves, we are met with that old familiar feeling — Back To School.

Many of us still see September as an unofficial New Year. We are taken back to that first day of school, when the world was No.2 pencils, unopened text books and promises of the year ahead. 

After months of vacations and Summer Fridays, we’re beginning to settle into our September schedules. We’re transitioning out of the short weeks, long days and late nights of Summer and embracing the everyday rituals and early mornings of Fall. 

There’s a comfort in routine; a sense of peace in knowing that the months ahead are made up of early morning coffees, busy afternoons at the office and family dinners at 6pm. Weekends will be reserved for Fall activities such as apple picking, farmers markets and strolls through the park. Evenings will greet us earlier and earlier (and often with a nice glass of red wine). 

We encourage you to lean into that feeling this month. You have taken the Summer to relax and recuperate, now come to Fall with a renewed energy. Start taking pottery class, pick up a weekly Yoga routine, buy a new book for bedtime reading or simply take the time to clean out your closet or organize your schedule.

Though some are sad to see Summer go, most are ready to pack up the beach towels and bikinis and pull down their binders and backpacks. This week on the blog we’ll be sharing a few of our favorite ways to organize, focus and structure your Fall so you can harness some of that “Back To School” energy!

Here’s to a beautiful week!


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