Happy Anniversary to Us!


This past Wednesday we had a meeting with the lovely ladies of Local Creative. They are doing some very cool things in the same vein of Girl Gift Gather and we discussed our visions, passions and inspiration over delicious pastries at Bakeri in Greenpoint. It was during this conversation, prompted by some questions by the girls, that we realized that Girl Gift Gather has stumbled upon our six month anniversary! 

This was a helpful realization for us. Six months of blog posts, newsletters, brainstorming, filming, and editing; not to mention excitement, fear, love, babies, travel and mini-existential crises on a bi-weekly basis. Sometimes we are frustrated that we are not further along in the larger (somewhat epic) vision we have for Girl Gift Gather. But when we stepped back this past Wednesday we were able see clearly that it has only been six months! 

This little anniversary, that merely marks the beginning of so many more, gave us the opportunity to reflect on just how well everything has turned out. There are many more lessons and a hell of a lot more work ahead of us, but thinking back to that chilly March morning when we launched our IndieGoGo campaign from a kitchen table in Bedstuy, and how much has been achieved since, fills us with wonder for the months ahead. We’ve completed eight Girl Gift Gather episodes and, as we type, we’re preparing our final four!

It’s a beautiful day here in New York, so why not take a small moment and look back on all that you’ve achieved in the last six months, big and small. And then, look ahead with hope and joy and trust that everything will all work out better then you can even imagine!

Have a beautiful week!

P.S. Girl Gift Gather has been featured on Journelle ‘s “Behind Closed Drawers” series. Journelle is a beautiful lingerie boutique based in NYC. It’s run a by a group of passionate women who want nothing more than to make you feel wonderful in well made, beautiful lingerie. Click to view our full interview here and make sure to peruse their site for some pretty, little things!



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    1. Thanks Robin! We are both secretly hoping you will make a visit to this side of the pond so that you can be a part of it! Any vacations to Brooklyn coming up for you?

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