The Art of a Story


Earlier this Spring when we shooting our final GIFT episode with Dr. JJ Pursell, she told us a story about The Plant People and their medicine, a tale she tells to each employee at The Herb Shoppe. As soon as she shared it with us, we knew we wanted to share it with you. See thevideo below!

That’s how stories work after all. They are told and re-told by friends and families. We tell them time and time again but infuse them anew with love and laughter. They become myths and legends around dining room tables. They are found in battered books and relayed through loving grandmothers. They are, in a word, magic. And the really good ones, when told correctly, gently guide us to our True North.

So while we are gathered with family and friends in these last few weeks of Summer; while we are making memories and honoring traditions; while we are traveling to new, exciting places and old, comforting ones, let’s take the time to collect stories and share them with the ones we love.

2 thoughts on “The Art of a Story

    1. Isn’t it amazing!!!?

      We think It originates from the tribes of the pacific northwest. But like all myths it’s so hard to peg down an exact place or time. It is so so beautiful though.

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