A Brief History of An Incredible Woman


Elizabeth (Patton) Crockett 

 Elizabeth with her daughter Rebecca. 

Elizabeth with her daughter Rebecca. 

Thanks to the lovely Robin Reetz for this week’s submission of Elizabeth Patton! 

Elizabeth was born on May 22, 1788 in Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina. Little is known about her early years.  We know that she was married to James Patton and they had two children together, Margaret and George. In 1814, Elizabeth became a widow when James was killed in The Battle of Horshoe Bend. 

As he lay dying, James asked his good friend Davy Crockett to return his belongings to his wife, Elizabeth. After James’ death, Elizabeth and her children moved back into her father’s home in North Carolina. At this time, Davy was married to Polly Finley and together they had three children. When Polly passed away in 1815, Davy approached Elizabeth. It took Davy a long time to court her. Though he followed her all the way to Swannanoa and she appreciated his attempts she was never bowled over by his affections. However, after a few months, Davy succeeded and they married and moved to Tennessee.

While Davy worked as a guide and trailblazer, helping others to find places to settle, Elizabeth was left at home to care for their children and their land. This was during a time when there was little to no technology and most work was done by hand. 

Davy was killed in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 and eventually Elizabeth took her children and moved to Texas. She lived there, raising her children as a single mother until she passed away in 1860. 

Elizabeth’s tale is not one of newspapers stories or adventures around the world. It is the story of survival, strength and support. To us, Elizabeth represents the quiet courage that made up the backbone of our nation. 

Character is who you are when no one is watching. 

Anonymous (There is very little available on line about Elizabeth, and certainly no direct quotes, but we felt she’d appreciate this one!)


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