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One of the founding goals of Girl Gift Gather is to connect women and share in their greatness. About three weeks ago, we began a weekly series on the blog called A Brief History of an Incredible Woman. Here, we look at known and lesser known women who’s lives inspire and interest us. It is with great respect and admiration that we seek out the women in history who have changed the world in brilliant ways. 

We would like to open this series up to you! If there is a woman in history who has blown your mind, touched your heart or changed the world for the better, share her with us! Whether she is your mom, your mentor, an artist who inspires you or the first female fighter pilot, we invite you to introduceGirl Gift Gather and our community to her. Send us an email at Include a picture and a few or more lines about who she is and why she is amazing. 

We will be sharing submissions on our Facebook Page & Instagram account so include any information, tags and hashtags you wish to be linked. We want your stories of the incredible women who have contributed to your narrative to enlighten ours as well. 

So looking forward to reading and sharing them!


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