Leo New Moon


Susan Miller, famous astrologer (whose insights are always so spot on, it’s wild) writes about today: 

The new moon in Leo, 4 degrees will be conjunct Jupiter (the planet ruling luck, wealth, and generosity) and bring happiness to you for a full year or more, very possibly forever. You can choose any initiative you’d like to make, on any front. Only rarely do you get this kind of carte blanche from a caring universe. Choose the opportunities with long-term potential, for you are starting a Jupiter cycle now, and the seeds you plant this year will pay dividends in terms of money and happiness for at least twelve years

Chelsey and I are both Leos and we would be amiss to not take this opportunity to look at the year (or 12 years) ahead and set some intentions on how we want Girl Gift Gather to grow. We spent some time meditating, brainstorming, and just plain old dreaming big, and this is what we came up with.

We want to ready ourselves for the greatness that is Girl Gift Gather. We will be talking about this a lot in this week’s Newsletter. It’s the understanding that when you surrender your small ego self, desires and goals for a cause that is bigger than you, anything is possible. More importantly, what is possible is always way bigger, more fulfilling and worthwhile than anything you can even imagine! It’s about allowing ourselves to grow grow grow in the way that is needed so we can be of the highest service to our growing community.  

We want to expand the size and scope of our audience! We so passionately believe in connecting women and sharing their greatness and want as many people to be influenced, inspired, and uplifted by our mission as possible.

We want to attract more $$$ so we can film more episodes, host events, connect women and grow, grow, grow! 

And last but certainly not least, we want to develop our commitment to the tough stuff: legal contracts, budgets, paperwork. (And maybe our talent for these things too!) 

Girl Gift Gather is truly a labor of love. And we are so, so thankful to be able to show up for it everyday! Thank you for allowing us to!

We strongly encourage you to take sometime on this magical New Moon to set some intentions in your life and always be open to life giving you more then what you ask for!




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