let your summer off the hook


The anticipation and excitement around the beloved Summer season can create a lot of pressure and expectation. What about those weekends weonly to want to crawl into our bed and rest, rest, rest. Oh, but the guilt! “It’s finally Summer,” we think. “We have to see, eat, drink and do everything there is to be done!” “There is only 6 weekends left!”  The truth is we’re still humans, whether we’re in the Hamptons, upstate at a wedding, or on a brownstone rooftop drinking PBR’s. We still get tired, angry, lost and confused; Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. 

Every feeling we have is worthwhile and instead of forcing ourselves to soak up every second of the sun, or see every sight on view, why not allow this season to be a time to just go with the flow? No expectations. No judgements. There is no hierarchy of feelings; no one feeling is better than the other. The sooner we’re able to embrace where we’re at, the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy our family, friends and that incredible view.

Let your Summer off the hook! 



That’s Chelsey jumping of an enormous cliff in Costa Rica!!! 

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