Bitch Fights and Healing Circles


Last Saturday, we aired the final GIFT of the season! We’ve had a blast cooking, drinking, crafting and designing with some of Brooklyn’s finest makers. Over the next few months, we’ll be taking some time to plan and film our GATHER episodes.

Watching TV these days, you wouldn’t be amiss to assume that women cannot hang out in a group without a screaming match, gossip fest or “bitch fight” taking placeYou wouldn’t be crazy to think that women are their own worst enemies

— at the office, in the dating pool, on Twitter. But our experiences with women have been so vastly different, so wildly inspiring, that we felt it must be made a part of the larger dialogue.

In some ways, GATHER was the start of it all – it is the epitome of connecting women and sharing in their greatness.

The concept for GATHER, came after we began hosting monthly New Moon Ceremonies at The Girl Gift Gather Studio. What we saw conspire in this sacred space lit a fire within us. The gatherings started small, but quickly expanded to include friends of friends and then friends of friends of friends until we sat in a circle of diverse women: mothers, daughters, entrepreneurs, travelers, survivors, creators.Each woman with her own story, her own struggles, her own wisdom. 

We’ve seen women come together and commiserate, laugh, encourage, inspire and heal one and other simply by sharing their experiences.

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