GIFT | Stress Free Medicinal Tincture


Dr. JJ Pursell, founder of The Herb Shoppe franchise, sat down with us this week and made a soothing Stress-Free Tincture! She combined a selection of herbs classified as nervines  (herbs that help relax the central nervous system) as well as some Rose (known for it’s ability to calm and heal the heart) with alcohol to create this concentrated blend of herbs! Tinctures are quickly absorbed into the blood stream, they’re easy to consume and convenient to carry. Just a few drops of this will help your mind and body unwind: before bed, during a busy work day or even during travel!


Oat Straw

Passion Flower



The rule of thumb with dried herbs is a 1 : 5, herbs : alcohol. With fresh herbs, you’ll want 1 : 2. 

Blend your dried herbs together and fill your container 1/5th of the way.  

Pour vodka (must be 80 proof alcohol) into the container until it is full. 

Shake vigorously.

Place the container in a cool dry place.

Wait 2-4 weeks (longer does not equal stronger), shaking your container daily for a minute or so. 

Strain the mixture and bottle it up.

Enjoy, relax, unwind!

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