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When we visited Anne Serrano McClain, founder of MCMC Fragrances at her studio in Greenpoint, we were enamored by all the romantic and heady scents! How could we choose just one?

She gave us a few tips on finding the right fragrance and a little education on the world of perfume!

  • On your first venture into the world of perfumes and oils, skip testing the scents on yourself. Instead, spray the fragrances onto the paper sticks they hand out. You can test more scents this way.
  • Cleanse your nose by stepping outside – it’s the only way to refresh.
  • Once you’ve found a selection of fragrances you like, choose one and give your chest area a good spritz – be generous about it! 
  • Wear the scent all day long. in fact, go back the next day and do it again, or request a sample. Scent changes with your body temperature, your moisture level and many other internal factors. Make sure the scent truly works with your body chemistry before you invest.
  • Ever wondered about the difference between a spray and a roll onSome think it’s simply a matter of convenience but, there’s actually a little more to it.
  • A perfume oil (or roll on) is diluted in oils, such as Jojoba or Coconut (at MCMC, they’re all organic). Anne feels that a roll on is a more intimate and personal experience. People who get close to you will be able to enjoy it, but it is most definitely more subtle. Because it is diluted in oils, it only lasts a few hours at a time. Wear it on your wrists and reapply throughout the day (thankfully it’s small enough to carry in your purse). 
  • An Eau de Parfum (or spray) is diluted in alcohol. Spritz it on your chest and neck area and it will enter a room with you. The nice thing about a spray is that it will last most, if not all, day. Spritz a little in your hair or on your scarf and the scent will linger even longer. 
  • It seems that one of the most important things to keep in mind when finding your scent is patience. When you enter a perfumery or a department store it can be a bit overwhelming. Take your time. Spend a few weeks trying out scents. Then when you’re confident that you’ve found The One, purchase it, wear it, revel in it! 

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