GIFT | Anne Serrano McClain


The perfume that you wear is so much more than a utilitarian aspect of your beauty routine; it is an intimate sensual, experience that becomes a part of who you are in a way that fashion fads and hair lengths never could. There is longevity in scent: the smell of your parents’ home, the perfume your Grandmother wore, your boyfriend’s Old Spice. You are hit with a memory, instantly transported to another time and place. 

We discussed all this and more when we visited Anne Serrano-McClain, founder of MCMC Fragrances at her charming Greenpoint studio. In the last five years, Anne has gone from blending scents in her kitchen to being written up in Town & CountryVogue ParisThe New York Times, and having her fragrances sold at some of the hippest places in the country.

Meeting her, it’s easy to understand how she’s garnered such success. She shares her unbridled passion for her craft, the chemistry and complexities of creating a fragrance, and the meditative way she builds each of her signature perfumes.

“It’s such a deep process, I do it in silence… it’s not a visual process, it’s not a social experience. It’s just you and the smell so you really go into the interior”

Check out our beautiful episode below and prepare to expand your experience of fragrance in the most enriching way!

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