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This week, inspired by the women we’ve interviewed and their collective pursuit of an authentic and fulfilled life, we’re exploring creativity. Where we find it, how we nurture it and what we do when our lives are lacking it. 


When you’re craving inspiration and you’re usual sources are coming up dry, it often means it’s time to try something new. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

Baked In Brooklyn is a charming pottery shop that hosts ceramics nights, mosaic classes and throwing lessons. (Plus, their clay making classes are BYOB!) 

Brooklyn Kitchen offers everything from pie making to knife skills! And classes are taught by New York’s finest including chefs from McClure’s and Roberta’s.

 Kinfolk, a beautiful magazine but also a great source of inspiration for compelling activities. Whether it’s an essay on the art of ice cream making or a photo story on floral arrangements, it’ll get your creative juices flowing! 

Darling, one of our favorite blogs and magazines for classes, recipes and essays.

After The Jump, a great radio station from the lovely Grace Bonney of Design Sponge. Grace interviews some of the coolest and most inspiring creators and crafters about their work, their journey and where they look for inspiration!

The new Discover app from WNYC –  a curated selection of stories from our favorite radio station. 

Pinterest: Granted, you could loose hours of your life creating a board dedicated solely to typography, but you could also discover a new blog, a delicious recipe or a cool DIY tutorial.




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