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Over the last few months, we’ve visited studios and kitchens, restaurants and store fronts, bars and boutiques. We’ve chatted business plans and brave moves with ice cream entrepreneurs and shoes designers. We’ve discussed marriage and motherhood with bridal boutique owners and Brooklyn bloggers. We’ve talked flavors and femininity with jam makersand cocktail connoisseurs. And with just two episodes left to air, we’ve begun to notice a trend.

Though each woman’s success has been remarkably different, with some taking place all in an instant and others percolating over months and sometimes even years, they all tell a similar story.

“A journey marked by the bravery to say yes, the courage to respond to opportunity with action and a deep connection to creative sensibilities.”

Each woman has kindled their creative spark and worked it into a roaring fire. They have taught us that creativity is not something reserved exclusively for Summer weekends and afternoons with our children. That in fact, it’s something we must actively nurture, encourage and, during those times when we lose touch with it, pursue.  

So, where does your creativity live? How do you foster it? What do you do when you feel disconnected from it? We thought through these questions and have shared a few tools for cultivating your creativity below!

Morning Pages: The book, The Artist’s Way recommends free writing every morning to start your day. A clean mind and an open heart are much more receptive to inspiration.

Meditation: A moment in the day to reset, let go and even share your wants and fears with the Universe.

Classes: There are so many cool ones available and we promise, they can lead to truly incredible things (next week’s episode is a testament to that!)

Make It A Team Effort: With book clubs, new moons and sports teams. A group activity is a great way to stay accountable to your creativity.

Listen To Your Friends: Sometimes they can see those things that we’re a little too afraid to!

This week on the blog we will be highlighting some of our favorite places to source inspiration and get creatively motivated! 




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