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I read a copious amount of baby books during this pregnancy. On nutrition, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, attachment-parenting, sleep it out parenting, french parenting, indigenous parenting, vaccines, childbirth, elimination communication (thats’s a really fun one) the list goes on and on. 

Having never really been around babies or children before, full discloser: (I am 2 weeks from birthing our little bear and have never changed a diaper! ), I wanted to be prepared for this looming unknown about to rock our world. What I took away from my self-imposed curriculum, was a deeper clarity about how I want to parent and the ability to clearly hone into the advice and styles that resonate with me. There were a lot of philosophies that I respectfully and quickly dismissed. Mostly, I learned to start paying attention to what I instinctively felt to be true and as a result have come away instinctively feeling that this parenting magic is an on the job training situation. But I am truly thankful for some of the information I have learned through this process. Of all the books I read there were 3 gems that I highly recommend to anyone interested.

1. Nina Planck’s Real Food for Mother and Baby

Really thorough and awesome advice on nutrition from pre-pregnancy all the way through to your child’s toddler years. 

2. Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth

This is just a classic must read for anyone interested in an alternative to the way our culture defines and markets child-birth. If you want to skip the read and watch something instead, The Business of Being Born will also do the trick! 

3. And lastly, thanks to Molly Guy’s recommendation during our episode with her this past March, Dr. Wendy Mogel’s The Blessing of a Skinned Knee 

Of all the parenting books this one by far was the most helpful and grounding in trying to navigate parenting, boundaries and raising happy, healthy, socially responsible, self-reliant children. 

I hope this helps, and if you ever need more reading recommendations you know where to find me! 



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