If I Were 22



In celebration of all those recent graduates, LinkedIn asked some of the world’s most successful influencers to share lessons they’ve learned in the series, If I Was 22

The always awesome Arianna Huffington shared her thoughts on today’s work till you drop culture – we loved her wisdom, honesty and frankly refreshing opinion. Yes, yes, hard work is all well and good but isn’t it nice to hear someone with so much success go out of their way to emphasize peace of mind, self-care and preservation?

“In college, just before I embarked on a career as a writer, I wish I had known that there would be no trade-off between living a well-rounded life and my ability to do good work. I wish I could go back and tell myself, “Arianna, your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard, but also unplugging, recharging and renewing yourself.” That would have saved me a lot of unnecessary stress, burnout and exhaustion.”

And Sallie Krawcheck, finance guru and founder of the women’s network, 85 Broads wrote about the necessity to always be learning about what you love! It takes a long time to find the right career path — a lot longer than our current culture leads us to believe. But fret not, it’s all part of the journey!

“Keep a running note of what works and what doesn’t work for you, what you like and what you don’t like, what you’re good and what you aren’t, the work styles that suit you and what doesn’t, where you passions lie and what leaves you cold. The chance of the stars aligning on these fronts in your first job, or even your first couple of jobs, is very low, so you’ll have to keep searching.”

Entrepreneur and business blogger, Naomi Simson, teaches us to spend more time on friendships — as our lives get busier and fuller, it’s important that we respect and honor those relationships that got us where we are today.

“I would encourage my 22-year-old self to take a moment to nurture my friendships – in person. Call them, make a plan, do something together – share experience. Laugh out loud every day. A poke on Facebook does not a friendship make (not that there was such a thing as social media when I was 22).”

Also, Time pulled the Top 12 Inspiring Commencement Speeches By Amazing Women — just a little more wisdom for your week! 

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