GIFT | Laena McCarthy


When we visited Laena McCarthy, the founder of artisinal jam company, Anarchy in a Jar, at her Greenpoint kitchen this week, we instantly fell in love. Laena’s joy was palpable as we “geeked out” over flavor profiles, farmer’s markets and family recipes. 

Surrounded by vintage posters and the sweet, scent of stewing apples, we quickly began to see how a life making jams, chutneys and mustards in the wilds of Brooklyn could be a very happy one.

Honestly, we would have spent all day talking smoked sea salts and apple reductions, but as you can imagine, Laena had work to do. So instead, she sent us off with a moreish recipe for Strawberry Basil Jam (see recipe here) Check out the video below to see the full interview! 

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