Full Moon In Scorpio


It’s the Full Moon in Scorpio people and it is not for the faint of heart! Scorpio rules the  cycles of life, death & re-birth and when the Full Moon illuminates these themes within our personal lives it can be uncomfortable to say the least. Today is a great time to take a moment and go deep. What painful fear or experience have you been avoiding? Let it speak to you. Really listen. Write down what it says and let it go. The very act of acknowledging heals instantaneously. Scorpio is about deep and mystical transformation. Let yourself become who you are meant to be. Shed the old, welcome the new. There is nothing to be afraid of! 

Happy Full Moon! 

A Beautiful (Mother’s) Weekend


With Mother’s Day fast approaching and motherhood on our minds, we really enjoyed reading this article from The ManRepeller. Both Christina and I have mothers with exceptional taste. So, I think we both related to the great comfort that comes from knowing someone in the world understands your style just as well as you do. Whenever my mom picks clothing for me, I feel known and loved in a unique way. A nice shirt at Christmas or a pretty Summer dress in the mail is no comparison to a cuddle or a long chat. But it is a little nod to the years she spent dressing me before I was all big opinions and and knee-high socks.  And this article from Elle has us reminiscing about dressing up in her closet…

The perfect pins for this weekend.

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful mom. And another. 

Some Spoken Word


There were many, somewhat cliché, life changing moments that occurred form me during my college years. One that sticks out strongly in my history is when Saul Williams, the incredible spoken word artist came to preform at our school. I was completely blown away. This poem, linked below answered so many of my questions about the world, feminine power, where we were as a society and where we were going. I woke up this morning thinking of it for the fist time in years, had another listen, and knew I had to share it today. I hope you enjoy! 

Sorry, I have a boyfriend


I recently stumbled across this article  by Alecia Lynn Eberhardt on my facebook newsfeed. Sometimes that time suck can provide a few gems! 

She discussed why women often resort to this cop-out statement and also why it is completely unacceptable: 

Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another male-bodied person more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.”

I know I am absolutely guilty of this. I find now that I am married, and quite visibly pregnant, I am often relieved at how obvious it is that I am “taken” in nightlife social situations. But reading this article made me pause at what the implications really are when we allow ourselves, friends and daughters to use this easy excuse.  We are saying that our lack of interest isn’t valid and that it is more important to be nice, sparing someone else’s feelings with an easy put down then learning the very important skill of strong boundarIEs and respecting ourselves and truths. There is a way to be a decent person and tell the truth at the same time. A skill that isn’t taught as readily or used as comfortably. Also, we are saying that men can’t handle the truth and are incapable of dealing with a small rejection. Everyone loses. 

While I don’t agree with everything in the article. (I don’t think it’s in anyones best interest to begin a lively debate with someone you are rejecting at a bar about why it is your right to reject them.)  It has changed how I will navigate those situations from now on. Although, it might be a long, long while before I am in that predicament again. 

GIRL | Haley Boyd



There’s a lot to learn from business-owner and shoe-designer Haley Boyd of Marais USA. Living your life with passion requires more than just the spark of creativity that gives birth to an idea. It requires a clear vision and taking things one simple step at a time.

In addition to her obvious talent, there’s an underlining confidence about Haley, how else do you start your own line of shoes before you graduate design school? Or have sole ownership of a company before you’re thirty? 

Haley has forged her own path and as a result, she has created a brand that epitomizes her personal style and grace. 

We talked with her about business, structure, and work/life balance. And we have some good news! Can creativity and structure go hand in hand? Yes. Is it work? Yes. Might you fail? Yes. But as Haley so graciously put it, 

“You must accept the risk and simply get started.”

A Beautiful Weekend


Loved this piece by Lindsay Comstock“The New Look of Lifestyle Photography” on  American Photo this week! 

The democratization of the visual world over the past decade has allowed fashion and lifestyle blogs like Bill Gentle’s Backyard Bill to flourish. Gentle believes lifestyle photography today is “the peoples’ photography; for the people, by the people.” Nicole Franzen, who shoots for small-circulation publications Cherry Bombe and Kinfolk as well as power players like Bon Appétitand Martha Stewart Living, agrees. She notes that this up-and-coming lifestyle aesthetic represents an “approachable luxury.” She explains: “I think it’s the young people striving to be better. I think we’re trying to change. We’re kind of rebelling against corporate America.”

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful magazine. 

A beautiful woman. 

Have a beautiful weekend!