New Moon In Gemini

 Artwork by Carolina Espiniza

Artwork by Carolina Espiniza

It’s the New Moon again! I love New Moons. I love the fresh start they give us each month — the waxing and waning of the moon and it’s tangible representation in nature of the birth, fulfillment and return of our intentions. It’s powerful stuff when you align with it! 

When we look at each of the 12 signs as the archetypes that they are, we enrich and deepen our experience of life itself. We weave ourselves into an ancient mythology of pathos, imagination and transformation. Through the 12 signs we the find different aspects of ourselves, long forgotten, suppressed or ignored. 

This is the solar/lunar month of Gemini. Since Gemini represents communication, connection, intellectual pursuits and friendship, some ways to align with this energy is to ask ourselves how we communicate our truths to others. Do we often feel misunderstood? if so, is it because we are not being clear about who we are and what we care about in our relationships? In the same vain, are we perceiving other people in our lives through a clear lens? This is a time to get honest and start talking about yourself, others and all situations you find yourself in. In doing so, you’ll be setting yourself up for truthful reflection that leads to beautiful transformation! 

Light a candle, eat some chocolate, thank the moon.



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