A Beautiful Weekend

 Image Via Girls Standing on Lawns by Maira Kalman

Image Via Girls Standing on Lawns by Maira Kalman

Looks like it’s going to be a sunny Spring weekend here in NYC. Perfect for blankets spread out in the park, punnets of strawberries coupled with fresh cream and lounging over a good book. Or perhaps an essay or two? This weekend, we’re sharing two of our favorite essays – the kinds we come back to over and over again.  And we’re sharing them for two reasons: Number 1: Good things should be shared. Number 2: Essays are perfect for reading aloud!

Joyas Volardores by Brian Doyle for The American Scholar.

Goodbye to All That by Joan Didion in Slouching Towards Bethlehem.

Take a moment this weekend and sit under the shade of a tree with someone you love and read to them. Share something that inspires or compels you with them. The act of reading aloud is soothing and sacred – partake in it. We promise, you’ll enjoy it. 

A beautiful blog.

A beautiful book.

A beautiful woman.

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