GIRL | Haley Boyd


There’s a lot to learn from business-owner and shoe-designer Haley Boyd of Marais USA. Living your life with passion requires more than just the spark of creativity that gives birth to an idea. It requires a clear vision and taking things one simple step at a time.

In addition to her obvious talent, there’s an underlining confidence about Haley, how else do you start your own line of shoes before you graduate design school? Or have sole ownership of a company before you’re thirty? 

Haley has forged her own path and as a result, she has created a brand that epitomizes her personal style and grace. 

We talked with her about business, structure, and work/life balance. And we have some good news! Can creativity and structure go hand in hand? Yes. Is it work? Yes. Might you fail? Yes. But as Haley so graciously put it, 

“You must accept the risk and simply get started.”

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