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I’ve always been a bath girl. When I lived at home in Wales, I don’t think I ever took a shower. Even if I just needed to quickly rinse off or wash my hair. Even in the mornings before school. Even now, before a flight back to NYC. In fact, I used to demand a bath as soon as I got off the plane — I was convinced it was the only way to battle jet lag (turns out: coffee). Today, in New York, I am still a bath girl. I do take showers all the time — probably more than baths — the speed of the city and whatnot. But during the winter, I’m apt to take a 10 minute warm up bath. And when I’m feeling super tired, I’ll take an Epsom Salt bath instead of a nap. And when I’m sad or have an evening to myself or need a break or feel weary, the bath is the first place I go.

There are many a healing property to a long soak. Epsom salts, essential oils, bubble bath, candles, music and a glass of wine are all lovely additions, but absolutely unnecessary. A long, hot bath sans fancy accoutrements is just as soothing as the most indulgent soak. (But I will say that a fluffy white bathrobe will make the end of any bath that much sweeter!) The tub is a place to unwind. To take space from the hustle and bustle. To be away from technology. To be alone. To be still. 

It’s one of our favorite ways to spend a long, rainy evening (fingers crossed all these April showers will lead to May flowers!). And some of our favorite bath time treats? Take a look below!

Fig and Yarrow‘s Oat Milk Bath Tea, Floral Milk Bath and Mustard Soak.

Herbivore Botanical‘s  Dead Sea Salts and Coconut Milk Bath Soak

A drop of Aesop’s Breathless Oil or Kniepp’s Deep Sleep Oil with Valerian and Hops.



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