GIRL | Erin Boyle


In each interview we host, we ask the women we’re speaking with about their relationship to New York. There’s an energy here unlike anywhere else and we’re curious about who it draws, why, and for how long. So when we met Erin Boyle, of Reading My Tea Leaves and Gardenista, and found her to be a New York City lover to the upmost degree, we sort of fell in love with her response.

Each person’s relationship to the city is different, but Erin’s was truly special. Although we touched on many topics, from blogging as a career to first-time pregnancies, we were most inspired by Erin’s love and respect for history, spaces and places. And how this love has enriched and informed her life on every level.

We walked away from our afternoon together, with a fresh perspective on what home means, and how we can deepen our understanding of the present by embracing our individual and collective past. Check out the video below!

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