Full Moon in Libra + Eclipse


A beautiful way to embrace this Full Moon energy is to have a Full Moon ceremony!

Today is the Full Moon in Libra and it is also an Eclipse! This astrological configuration packs a powerful punch! Eclipse’s often bring about sudden change and under the Libra influence, which represents balance and relationships, you may find these topics center stage in your life. 

Tonight: light a candle, have some tea, sage it up, eat apiece of delicious chocolate, drink a glass of wine,  do something special,  just for you!

Then, spend a few minutes thinking about the key relationships in your life. Reflect on how YOU want to feel within them. What YOU want to change about them. Never make it about the other person. Rookie mistake! And always always send out a lot of gratitude for all of the beautiful, blessed relationships that you have had and have currently,  just as they are, just as they were! From a place of deep gratitude is where the most profound change is able to occur. 

You will be amazed at how quickly things will positively change in your life when you connect with the Moon each month! 

Happy Full Moon! 

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