A Moment of Joy


Spring tends to be a busy, bustling time in NYC. The winter slump is over and the city is abuzz with new projects and prospects. For our part, we’re filming, editing, meeting, moving, growing, incorporating (!) and all sorts of wonderful things. But with all this busy-ness, things can get a little overwhelming. A moment to sit down and check your email becomes hours chained to the computer. A 30 minute meeting turns into a two hour discussion ending in a to-do list the length of your arm.  A family gathering  runs late (and ends in emotions and stress). It’s life. It happens. But sometimes it can get you down. And sometimes it can get to be too much.

This week, I’ve begun to make a conscientious effort to add joy into my day. No matter how many emails I have to send, discussions I have to have or family debates I have to negotiate, I make sure I have planned some joy into each and every day. 35 minutes for the gym. A 15 minute walk outside with my boyfriend. Cooking a new recipe that I’ve been wanting to try. A 20 minute nap. A hot, oily bath at the end of the day. One dinner a week with my best friend. A glass of wine and my favorite TV show (by myself!). Obviously, we all try and add these things to our week when we can. But I’m talking about one a day. Everyday. This week, I am promising not to sacrifice my moment of joy. No matter what. The work will always be there. It doesn’t ease up. Sometimes, you just have to step away and have your bath anyway. You can come back to it afterwards….

A few guidelines for your Moment of Joy:

– Stick to it. Don’t go back on your plans for yourself. They’re just as important as your work and your plans with others.

– Be realistic. It doesn’t have to be a 3 hours bath or even a whole hour at the gym. Some days it’s 15 minutes, other’s it’s 45. One day, and one element of joy, at a time.

– Don’t (always) plan it for the end of your day. By the end of the day, your wiped. And usually you’re just looking to zone out and go to sleep. You’re much more inclined to skip the bath, movie or walk outside and go to bed. When you can, plan your joy in the morning (morning yoga classes, breakfast with your partner, a new book to ride on the subway) or in the afternoon (lunch outside anyone?). 

– Go it alone. We’re all really good at planning fun with our friends, family, partners and kids. But taking the time to do something nice just for us? That tends to be a little less frequent. Make sure you plan some moments that are just for you. Go to a movie by yourself or to a book store or shopping. But make sure you make alone time special too! 

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