March Madness


For some, March is a month for daffodils and St. Patrick’s Day. For others, it’s merely a stepping stone to Summer. But at our studio, it will forever be known as the month of new beginnings and women.  

In the last 25 days, we’ve shared our project with the world, met some of our favorite female entrepreneurs, begun filming our first season, welcomed Spring, celebrated International Women’s Month and launched our IndieGoGo Campaign. (So we’ve been a little busy!) But now, March is coming to a close: talks of Easter and Passover plans have commenced, Cherry Blossoms have begun to bloom and time is marching forward as it always, always does. Before it’s all April showers and May flowers, we’d like to honor the things that make this month special to us. And just this week, we were sent the perfect article to do so: The CNN 10: Visionary Women. 

“A former welfare mother supplies cars for women re-entering the workforce.

A public health worker yearns to stamp out the stigma of menstruation in the developing world.

A biotech engineer embarks on a mission to teach a generation of black girls computer coding.

They’re smart, motivated and community-minded. They teach, create and employ with an eye toward improving the lives of others.

They are visionary women.

This sort of bravery, creativity and generosity inspires us to continue in our efforts to share women and all of their greatness (and makes March our favorite month). 

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