The New Girls

  Tara Moore / Getty Images

Tara Moore / Getty Images

A while into our Girl Gift Gather meetings we discovered this wonderful article from Yael Kohen for New York Magazine.

She writes:

Earlier this year, we learned that women are increasingly the chief breadwinners in their households, which implies that they had some sort of career foundation in their twenties. Given the fact that Brooklyn’s soaring real estate prices have renters shelling out an average $2,400 a month for a studio in Bushwick, it’s hard to believe it’s all parent-financed, or that there aren’t women with real jobs renting in the neighborhood. Isn’t it odd how few representations of that Brooklyn Girl – powerful, independent, employed for profit – there are in pop culture? She’s probably too busy working to write the book.

One of our major goals is to share and learn from more of those powerful, independent, employed Brooklyn Girls! 


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