Successes & Gratitude


After many hours working on press releases and Facebook pushes we’re excited to be entering our first 10 days at The Girl Gift Gather Project on an incredible high! 

The response and support we’ve received in the week and a half has been extraordinary. In just one week, our Indiegogo Campaign has raised more that 30% of our goal for the month!  (According to IndieGoGo’s statistics, campaigns that raise 20% of their goal in the first week have an 80% chance of succeeding, so we’re off to a pretty fantastic start!)

And thanks to all your donations, likes, clicks, follows and shares we are being featured on the IndieGoGo homepage! This is a huge honor and a big, big deal. 

These small (but mighty) success keep us going. We’re so proud to be working on this project and we’re so grateful to everyone who is helping us make it happen.

Here’s to a Tuesday of celebrations and meditations!


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