The Hangover


Over the last week, we’ve had an incredible response to our IndieGoGo Campaign – so many people have shared and supported our project and for that we are extremely grateful. After we made our campaign and our social media platforms public, the two of us got pretty scared. It seems silly, but putting yourself out there and asking people for help is a truly humbling experience. A few days into the process, we came across this wonderful Ted Talk from Brenee Brown. Brenee is a research analyst who has spent her life studying shame and vulnerability and her Ted Talk touches on the theory of a “vulnerability hangover”. You know that feeling when you’ve been completely honest with someone, when you’ve put yourself way, way, way out there and all of a sudden it dawns on you that at any moment you could be hurt? Well that realization is a vulnerability hangover. And man oh man, did we ever have one after we went public. The thing that we learned from Brenee’s talk and her theory is that although a “vulnerability hangover” can be uncomfortable, it’s actually a great thing. It’s a confirmation that you’ve moved forward in a positive (and scary) way. Doing what scares you isn’t supposed to feel comfortable. Its supposed to feel like growth. And if we’re sure of one thing these days, it’s that we’re growing. 

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