International Women’s Day


This Saturday is International Women’s Day, a day that has been observed since the early 1900’s when women began to stand up, speak up and work together. If, like us, this is your first year acknowledging International Women’s Day then why not do a little something special? Begin an autobiography by an inspiring woman, go to a seminar hosted by a female speaker, call your mom and have a long talk or just invite a friend over and spend some time discussing what being a woman means to you.  However you do it, embrace the day and the women around you!

 We’re kicking off the celebrations early with the folks over at IndieGoGo! They’re getting all sorts of generous and all day today, they’ll be donating one dollar for every $25 raised by campaigns that support women.

We’re honored to be one of those campaigns and we hope you’ll take a look at the other projects that are on board.

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