Meraki | may-rah-kee


Definition: may·rah·kee (pronounced: may-rah-kee); Greek; adjective

1 | To do something with soul, creativity, or love. 

2 | To put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing


We discovered the Greek word meraki early on in our process, when The Girl Gift Gather Project was just the two of us drinking tea on our couch. We didn’t know where this journey would take us, but we knew that this word would always be important. Now, here we are. Just over a year later and officially launching The Girl Gift Gather Project : the blog, the newsletter and of course, the IndieGoGo Campaign!

We hope you love it. We hope it nourishes your creativity and invigorates your relationships.  We hope it informs you, engages you, motivates and moves you.

We hope it inspires you to make a pot of tea, sit down with a friend and start dreaming. 

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